Much can be said about my motivations for creating Rational Polarity, but at the core of it is my desire to do what I can to try and improve the world around me in, if only by the smallest increment.

More concretely, there is a deep divide. A polarity of rationality. An ancient conflict between those who base their existence on logic, reason and evidence, and those who do not.

It is not a perfect polarity. No person can be 100% rational. Our brains contains lots of different parts, and most of them are not concerned with rational thought, but rather more base animal needs like breathing, feeding, surviving, and of course, procreating.

And even more confusingly, many people accept rational principles in some areas of life, but steadfastly refuse them in others. You have to go far out in the fringes to find people skeptical about everyday physics, like gravity or centrifugal force. But dig into economics or politics, and it's somewhat rare to find someone whose opinions are based in rationality. And then there's of course religious people, flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers and countless others, that disbelieve things that have been established as rational facts for decades.

The many dangers of processing reality incorrectly

Most, if not all, big challenges facing humanity today, are rooted in irrationality. From religious warfare, to the world-wide debt crisis. From AIDS-epidemics largely caused by the catholic church's anti-condom politics, to millions of children suffering under religious and political indoctrination and corporal punishment.

Not to say that everything would be perfect, if everyone stopped believing in (and doing) irrational things. But I think we would be a lot closer.

My simple hope is that, with this blog, I can help push the world in a slightly more rational direction.

Burnt child dreads fire

I have had some horrific experiences with irrational beliefs in the past, and I carry the emotional scars as a perpetual reminder.

So I have a very personal and concrete aversion to irrationality. I detest how religious and emotional manipulation is used to inflict evil on the world, and helping diminish that would be a great personal satisfaction.