Privacy policy

This site aims to be respectful of user privacy. I use no third-party tracking systems, only my private [Piwik][] installation which is only accessible by myself, and not shared with anyone. Both the Piwik instance and the site itself is hosted in Germany.

Security details

It is only available via an encrypted connections (HTTPS), and employs HSTS to make eavesdropping even more difficult. It uses the latest recommendations for HTTPS, and at the time of this writing, receives an A+ rating on the Qualys SSL Labs test.


While I have put a good deal of effort into securing my systems, I'm not a top security expert, and as such, I cannot guarantee that my systems will never be compromised. Big government spying agencies have a lot more resources, and I don't think any single person would be able to do much against the concentrated efforts of one of those.

So, in short, this site is probably more secure than most, but we cannot guarantee that your information will not fall into the hands of governments or similar malicious, violent gangs.