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Jean-Claude Juncker, a modern Honecker

Whenever I see the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, I’m reminded of Erich Honecker, long-time DDR leader and the prime organiser of the building of the Berlin Wall.

Both sit far removed from the people they claim to rule, in a fancy glass palace, protected by armed guards, living high on the hog, while the areas they lord over are suffering economically. They share the same disdain for common people, and claim to know better how we should all live. They both got in to power through socialist people’s parties. They both act out of desire to grow their power apparatus.

And much like Honecker, Juncker suggests terrible reprisals for those that try to leave their sphere of influence.

The power they have is to be used as a club to beat the stubborn people into submission.

Of course, it’s not a perfect analogy. Juncker hasn’t (yet) tried to get the Brits shot for trying to leave, and the people of Europe are still somewhat more free than the people of the DDR were. Juncker does not wield the same level of power over his subjects.

But still, the consequences of Juncker’s rule may prove just as terrible for his many more subjects. Undermining the nation states and leaving the door wide open for the islamic invasion of Europe will certainly lead to civil strife, if not outright war in the future.

We can only hope that the people gets around to insist that “Wir sind das Volk” before too long.