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EU, the destabiliser of Europe

The proponents of the European Union like to credit the EU with peace in Europe[1], and while it's reasonable to assume that the free trade agreements that were made in the 1950's have helped in this regard, the political union has done little other than create more government waste and bureaucracy, and the monetary union has caused huge economic imbalances.

And worst yet, the bureaucracy and political indifference spreading like a plague from Brüssel has paved the way for mass immigration from cultures we know do not integrate well into western societies. It is undermining the non-violent and secular foundation that is the key to peaceful co-existence.
The resulting conflicts are as predictable as they are inevitable.

The burden of hordes of poor and uneducated immigrants will blow away the last illusions that the socialist welfare states can hang together economically. And once the welfare game is up, a lot of people will face very hard time. And that will certainly not improve relations by natives and immigrants. It'll be a powder keg, and how bad it gets is anyone's guess, but it will be ugly.

  1. Ignoring that there had been peace in western Europe for almost 40 years when the political union came into being in 1991. ↩︎