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A story about corruption

Imagine this scenario. In a small socialist country, the leader of the opposition (the Candidate), who's on the verge of becoming the next prime minister, narrowly escapes a scandal which would likely have ruined their career, and cost their party a lost election.

The Candidate's spouse was found to be in violation of th tax code, and would likely have been hit with a massive fine and jail time. But in this case, the leading tax agent on the case, who is a member of the Candidate's party, decides to change the interpretation of the violated rule to be sufficiently lax, that the candidate's spouse is no longer in violation, and is thus acquitted.

Later, the tax agent works to prevent the policy change from being publicised and standard practice. Had he succeeded, it would just have been a special exception for the Candidate's spouse.

After the Candidate wins the election, and becomes prime minister, the tax agent gets a promotion. The Candidate's spouse is later elected to parliament in another socialist country.

A true story

Unfortunately, this is not fiction. This actually happened in Denmark.

If there's a stronger condemnation of the Danish political system, I can't find one. Everyone from tax agents to the Candidate's entire party organisation, to a large segment of the voters, decided that having their people in power was more important than principles. A socialist, tax-increasing political party, with a leader guilty of tax evasion, only acquitted on a technicality.

What's the alternative?

Now the partisans out there are probably clamping at the bit to tell me that the alternative would have been much worse, that the other side was equally corrupt and dirty. And they are probably right.

And that just serves to further condemn the political system. It's loaded with corrupt and power-hungry people. Power attracts the power-hungry. Sociopaths are great at politics. This will continue. The only solution is to stop giving anyone the power to rule over others.