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Shakedown of the day: Colbert attacking Norway

So Stephen Colbert would like something done about education for girls. While that seems like a laudable goal, one wonders why it's only education for girls, but I guess that's a different discussion.

So how does he intend to further this goal? Use some of his amassed fortune? Convince people to donate voluntarily?

While both of those would have been a respectable courses of action, that was unfortunately too much to expect.

Instead, he's launched a twitter campaign to pressure the prime minister of Norway to cough up some of the Norwegian people's money. In fact, half a billion USD.

So if he's successful, every living Norwegian, from newborns to pensioners, will be relieved of about 100 USD through whatever means the Norwegian government chooses to use. Government power, in any case, and as we know, power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

In other words, the usual deal when it comes to socialist “charity”. Take money from private individuals who can't defend themselves, and spending them lavishly, publicly, on something that sounds charitable, so you can build your public profile as someone who's really into charity.

Amusing that Colbert mentions Bill Gates, who's pretty much the antithesis of these ideas: Spending his own, hard-earned money to do good, and not making a huge, self-aggrandising TV-show about it.