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Politics is not good for your career

From the karma department, Danish ex-parlamentarians complain that it is difficult to find a good job after leaving their cushy government “job”: “Politics isn't exactly good for your career”[1].

The article quotes Christian Kurt Nielsen from the recruitment company Mercuri Urval (translated from Danish):

If they have a degree, some work experience – and if they haven't been too many years in politics, then it's possible there's a job for them.

Most Danish politicians have not done a single day of honest work in their life. They're recruited to be professional politicians straight out of school, have often been involved in politics since their early teens.

So imagine the situation as an employer. You have an applicant with no relevant work experience, who in many case finished their degree more than a decade ago, and have not kept it current. And in the same pile you have a bunch of people who just graduated, who are up to date with the field of their degree, with lower salary expectation than the gilded reality of politics.

Not a hard choice.

My objections to this system aside, career politicians has been horrible for the societies they affect. Instead of getting people with lots of life- and work-experience, Denmark now gets ministers who are in their mid-twenties who have no experience what so ever with the subject of their ministerial portfolio.

And after they've helped further ruin the country, they have the temerity to complain afterwards that no one wants to hire them.

Tastes like justice to me.

1. B.dk: »Det er ikke ligefrem karrierefremmende at gå ind i politik« [Danish] 2015-07-29.